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Product:   Toi-blet Outdoor Bio Cleaners
(Toi-blet Outdoor)
Price:   18.00 EUR
Product code :   550008
Weight:   0.000 kg.
Manufacturer:   BIOGRON  
Description:   The NEW toilet additive for your (portable) toilet which replaces all the chemical fluids. If you´re looking for a nice flower fragnance in your bathroom combined with an easy to use and envorimentl friendly product for your ´chemical´ toilet, than you do not have to look any futher. Because we present the Toi-Blet. The Toi-Blet is designed for the usage in your motorhome, caravan and boat toilet. Toi-blet® Outdoor is very user friendly; just drop one tablet in the flushing tank, one in the holding tank and you have no worries up to 4 days. Toi-blet® Outdoor breaks down the faeces, prevents bad smells and produces a fresh fragrance. The tablets are active even when the weather is hot, so no hassle, and no smells. They contain essential oils, enzymes and other organic products. This means that you can empty the tank in a regular toilet, septic tank or even in nature without harming the environment. After emptying the holding tank, just rinse with water, refill and the toilet is ready for use again. Because Toi-blet® Outdoor doesn't contain any formaldehyde, it can be used in every country of the world. Even in Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, The USA etc etc. It's no problem finding a place to empty your tank legally. Features Toi-blet® Outdoor: Environmental friendly It's awarded with the Bio-Natur Label and has many more ´ECO´certificates, Can also be used in the rinsing water tank as well as the black water tank (2 in1), Exact dose, no wastage of the expensive product, 16 tablets per tin, more than enough for a complete holiday (32-64 days), Minimum volume, easy to carry and to store, Colours the water freshly blue, Competitive pricing compared with the fluid deodorizers.
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Toi-blet Outdoor Bio Cleaners
Toi-blet Outdoor Bio Cleaners